Transportation of dishes

Transportation of dishes can be complicated by its quantity. Each item is wrapped by in paper or film, and then placed in boxes. Boxes must be secured in transport.

When moving, you can use old rags, foam rubber, padding polyester, newspapers, etc. for packing. Remember that packaging will take a long time, as each item will have to be wrapped individually. Don’t put this off until later.

Here are some rules for packing types of dishes:

Each plate is pre-wrapped with paper or film and formed into small piles. Stacks are placed in boxes.
Wine glasses, glasses, cups will not break if crumpled paper or rags are placed inside each item.
Teapots, sugar bowls, herring bowls or salad bowls also have a hollow shape and relief, thanks to which the dishes have an attractive appearance. They must not only be carefully stuffed with rags or paper from the inside, but also carefully wrapped from the outside. This will protect the dishes from chips and cracks.
Do not forget about the labeling, indicate that the dishes are being transported. You can simply sign the boxes with a bright marker or mark them with special icons. The dishes are usually marked in the form of an image of a glass. This will alert movers and drivers that they are dealing with breakable objects.

Moving fragile things is a responsible but doable task. The integrity of the cargo depends on compliance with the rules. Use the recommendations and deliver all items in a usable condition.

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